Numbers don’t lie. Wellness works. Whatever the size of your organization, the health of your workforce affects the bottom line!

Every company is different. We at Fine and Fit Physiques Unlimited recognize this simple fact and thrive on it. That is why our approach to corporate wellness programming is unique. We build a corporate wellness program with the same steps we build individualized training; by identifying the opportunities, developing an action plan, and delivering results. No matter what the size of your company, our goal is to work with you in finding pro-active solutions to reducing or eliminating health care costs through health and wellness.

Your company will experience

  • Fun and engaging on-site fitness programming suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Statistic-based research and comprehensive reporting on your corporate wellness programming
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges to promote enrollment and team camaraderie
  • Biometric Testing (blood pressure, weight, height, BMI, body fat%, muscle %, Visceral Fat reading, Resting Metabolic Rate, biological age testing, cholesterol)
  • Health Fairs and Seminars to enroll and educate your employees on all aspects of health and wellness
  • Ongoing communication with your company via exclusive wellness blog or newsletter.

The Benefits

  • Increase in employee retention and employee productivity

  • Increase in team cohesion and camaraderie
  • Decrease in health care costs and employee absenteeism
  • Happier and healthier employees


Creating an inviting, inclusive health and fitness culture within your residential community adds value to your property. Whether you’re just breaking ground or re-working an existing facility, Fine and Fit Physiques Unlimited works in partnership with residential developers and property managers to create the most efficient fitness amenities based on your goals and resources. From equipment and space planning to on-site trainers and classes, we aim to make your fitness amenities hassle-free and worthy of loyalty from residents and guests.

Our mission is to create the appropriate customized fitness programming for your property so that your residents will no longer have to seek out outside gym memberships. Fine and Fit Physiques Unlimited fitness programming will add value to your property by becoming the most desired amenity to your current and future residents.

Your residents will enjoy

  • Fun and engaging on-site fitness programming suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Fitness Challenges that will create a fun and active community among your residents.
  • On-site certified and fully insured fitness professionals around the clock to create an inviting, clean and safe environment for your residents
  • Social gatherings centered around health and fitness
  • Ongoing communication within your residential community via exclusive newsletter or blog
  • A state-of-the art fitness facility just steps from their font door

The Benefits

  • High occupancy rate within your property

  • Increase in resident retention
  • Your residents spending more time on your property, not needing to seek out outside gym memberships.
  • Comfort in knowing your residents are safe under the guidance of certified fitness professionals.
  • Overall increased value to your property