Fine and Fit Physiques Unlimited applies a multi-faceted training methodology that generates results through our “Pillars of Performance Methodology”. This training system allows us to provide our clients with the necessary tools needed to get in the best shape possible and maximize their full potential by improving their overall fitness goals. Our clients come from every walk of life, range greatly in age and fitness levels, but share one strong common goal… they want to succeed! Here is how we have achieved our success by helping our clients achieve their goals:

Pillars of Performance Methodology:

Fitness Evaluation

We have designed the Fine and Fit Training System, which uses a scientific approach to analyzing overall fitness and performance by utilizing movement tests, posture analysis, gait assessment and functional strength tests.

Movement Prep

A dynamic warm-up designed to prepare your body for movement. The focus is to increase CORE temperature, actively lengthen muscles while improving flexibility, mobility, stability and total body coordination.

CORE Integration

We have integrated training to improve posture while building strength throughout your CORE (hips, abdominals, lower back and shoulders).

Functional Strength Circuits

Our revolutionary functional strength training circuit focus on building your body from its CORE by performing a classification of exercises, which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. This method of training is certain to build lean, functional muscle while maximizing fat loss.

Metabolic Cardio Conditioning

We also use circuit-style cardio conditioning to maximize the “after burn” fat loss effect while improving balance, agility and total body movement.

Weight Loss Management

Whether you are looking to lose weight, control diabetes or have a medical issue, our nutrition coaches will walk you through the process of making better health and better eating a reality. Personalized nutrition expertise is here to provide objective, evidence-based recommendations, help normalize eating habits, and provide real life eating strategies to tackle the world of food and eating.